General description

The Tetraspanin Exo-Flow Capture Kit has all the reagents you need to purify exosomes using FACS: streptavidin magnetic beads, CD9, CD63, and CD81 biotin capture antibodies, wash and elution buffers, and reversible Exo-FITC staining (not EXOFLOW800A-1): You supply the FACS and optional magnetic holder (Cat. # EXOFLOW700A-1).

Our well-validated tetraspanin-biotin antibodies (CD9, CD63, and CD81) and high-quality kit components ensure reliable and reproducible exosome purification based on the presence of three general exosome markers (CD9, CD63, and CD81). And with our larger-than-normal bead size (9.1 μm in diameter), exosome capture is highly efficient, aiding in the recovery of rare exosome populations. Please note that we also offer reversible Exo-APC (Cat. # Exo-FLOW810A-1) as an alternative dye to Exo-FITC.

  • A range of well-validated antibodies for reliable and reproducible purification.
  • Large magnetic beads increase the efficiency of exosome capture
  • Reversible Exo-FITC and Exo-APC stains can be completely removed after FACS
  • Exosome Elution Buffer simultaneously removes Exo-FITC (or Exo-APC) and elutes exosomes from magnetic beads for subsequent applications such as functional studies.

How does it work

Easily purify exosomes using FACS with the Tetraspanin Exo-Flow Capture Kit

Take a look

  • Couple the tetraspanin-biotin antibodies to the streptavidin magnetic beads
  • use the tetraspanin-coupled magnetic beads to capture exosomes that have been isolated using ExoQuick or ultracentrifugation
  • wash unbound exosomes, and then
  • reversible Exo-FITC staining (excitation and emission wavelengths of 494 nm and 518 nm, respectively).

Your sample is now ready for FACS analysis. To use the purified exosomes after FACS, add the included exosome elution buffer to simultaneously remove Exo-FITC staining and elute intact exosomes from the beads.