The 1.5 ml strip tube, supplied as strips of six physically connected microcentrifuge tubes in a row, is ideal for any large-scale experiment. The strips can be cut into individual tubes and are universally applicable for centrifugation.

The 1.5 ml strip tube may be compatible with rotors in a restricted way, depending on the rotor types used for centrifugation. It is strongly recommended to perform a compatibility test before continuing with the experiment. (Compatible with most 24, 30 hole rotors and some 18 hole rotors)

▪ Soft opening and hermetic closing
▪ Printed external graduations with marking area
▪ Central part in the cap enough to be penetrated by the syringe needle
▪ Autoclavable

▪ Non-pyrogenic
▪ Non-cytotoxic
▪ DNase / RNase – free
▪ Human DNA – free


  • Material: PP
  • Color: Light
  • Total volume (ml): 1.50
  • RCF classification: 30,000 x g
  • Sterile:
  • Packing: 80/800